From €590

From € 3 650

This service includes the Real Estate, Administrative and Daily services.

Portugal & You could adjust, adapt and personalise this formula according to the needs of your project.


We can assist you, advice you and guide you in seeking your future home for purchase or rental and in the associated paperwork.

  • Audit, analysis and definition of your needs
  • Selection of real estate and linking
  • Assistance in all the paperwork


We can simplify the necessary administrative procedures to facilitate your integration in Portugal.

  • Tax identification number (NIF)
  • Non-Habitual Resident Status (RNHp)
  • Other paperwork: residence certificate, health, school, car, animals, etc.


We can facilitate the subscription to the main contracts and services required for everyday use.

  • Opening of necessary contracts (electricity, gas, water, internet, Via Verde, etc.)
  • Opening bank account
  • Research of different service providers (home cleaning, gardening, swimming-pool maintenance, DIY, etc.)

From € 3 650

This service includes the Real Estate, Administrative and Daily services.

Portugal & You could adjust, adapt and personalise this formula according to the needs of your project.


Are you still hesitating about the region or the city in which you want to live or invest in Portugal ? We can assist you during a discovery trip organised by Portugal & You to help you make your choice.

  • Study and analysis of your project
  • Trip preparation and planning
  • Reception and visit for ½ day or more


Do you prefer to be independent? We can provide you with a book of advice including all the administrative procedures you will have to complete for your real-estate investment or your expatriation in Portugal.

  • Personalised analysis of your project (real estate, funding, administration)
  • Listing of all administrative procedures
  • Communication of a summary book in PDF format


We can prepare your funding documents and present your file to selected organizations (banks or brokers) in order to obtain the best loan offer.

  • Assistance in creating the bank file
  • File presentation to selected organizations
  • File follow up and negotiation of the conditions


You want to furnish your home or your office/shop, buy a car, … but the language is complicated for you ?! We assist you.

  • Physical assistance during the week or the week-end to your buying
  • Cost negotiation and optimization
  • Delivery management and optimization
  • Help to assembly the furniture if needed


You want to create a company or develop your business in Portugal. We assist you in all the administrative procedures.

  • Project analysis
  • Introduction of the different kind of company existing in Portugal
  • Assistance for the file presentation and creation of the company
  • Appointment with an accountant
  • Potential attending to an exhibition in relation with your company’s activity

*Portugal & You is not a real estate agency. We are about to manage the relationship and be your privileged interlocutor with real estate professionals that meet your needs, to save your interests.

**Only for purchase of real estate


Portugal & You is your single contact to help you expatriate, relocate or invest in Portugal

Whether you want to live in Portugal for :

  • A professional or personal expatriation
  • A quiet retirement
  • A return to your personal roots
  • A real estate investment
  • Your studies

we will assist you in all your administrative procedures, using our network of partners. Portugal & You is your key contact. We are on the spot to facilitate procedures related to real estate, paperwork, service providers’ proposals, communication in Portuguese or discovering an unknown Portuguese region.

Des enfants sautent dans une piscine pour représenter le courage de passer le cap vers une nouvelle vie

Whatever your need, we want to know your motivations and understand your life project in Portugal, that is why, before formalising our partnership, we suggest holding a discussion by telephone for free.

With Portugal & You, you may reach us by phone or by e-mail during the term of our agreement, without limitation and without additional cost.

Wether you are student, retired, investor, in work life, native portuguese, … our services are available to you on a turnkey basis from €590, depending of the subscribed services ; we also provide individualised services on demand.

We will answer all of your needs with adapted and personalised services for your project

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